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Reflections on Love

Reflections For Pentecost

Bimallahi arRahmaan arRaheem

Fellow Children of Abraham: Christians, Muslims and Jews!

May God's love and spirit be with you and among us always.

In the Christian tradition, today is the day of Pentecost, a day to celebrate God's Holy spirit. It is a good time to remember, as Muslims say, ziker, our loving God in our deepest heart of hearts.

I personally have no desire to evangelize or convert Christian, Muslim or Jew to another's religion. Stay true to your faith, today and always, but let us remember God together - that God is Love, Al Wadud. In this common love we return to our brotherhood.

In church today, I imagined all of us - Muslims, Jews and Christians - sitting in the pews and God giving the sermon. What would He say?

Perhaps He'd remind us that we only know in part the nature of God, that He is Spirit and that we are all mere children in our understanding, and that each of us should be humble, that through this humility and submission to God we would see Him more clearly.

Perhaps He'd say how saddened He was that we have not been kind and forgiving to each other, all his beloved souls - Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu and beyond.

Perhaps He'd ask us to remember Him always in the refrain of our lives, as a song softly stuck in our heads, as the meditation of our hearts and souls: "I AM, kind and forgiving" - arRahmaan, arRaheem.

Perhaps He'd tell us that we are wasting away our time here on earth, that during this time, as at spiritual college, we are to strive to know Him better, and that He put us here together to learn from one another and care for each other - to be brothers, sisters and friends.

We should be friends who care and love for one another so authentically and deeply that our love of friend manifests itself as God's Love, God's Holy Spirit, the Friend.

On this day, when the Pope is in Israel, and with the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz for Judaism, and the fast of Ramadan for Islam soon enough upon us, let us hold fast to God's love. May our compass in life always point upward to our common loving God.  May His loving spirit smolder in our hearts, as the burning bush did for Moses on Jebel Musa - forever.




upon and among us all.

Brad Tyndalluthor of "Loving God: A Journey, a Guide to Mysticism in Christianity and Islam" (at amazon